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stuff to take care of

11 jun 2004 fri - 23:33

for the next couple months i will save my damn money. i love my new apartment and we dont even live there yet. we get to start from scratch - we have no couch, tv, food, spices, dishes, shower curtain, cleaning supplies. it's awesome. no old crap cluttering up everything. no 7 year old sponges that no one ever uses sitting in a corner under the sink. no funky nast in the back of the fridge from god knows when. i have about a million books and fuck knows where my art supplies will go. wow. our own place. naked freedom! and nate s agreed to be in charge of the music/equipment for the park as well - kick fucking ass! number one: i dont have to think about anything but making a few mix tapes. number two: its FREE. now i can just order cake & drinks & let ponge figure out what to pay eugette for making an ass-ton of senegalese dishes. and what the hell to get for josh2 & mary2 for their wedding? money? damn. and what to wear... i need to call ali as well. maybe not at 9pm on a fri. although maybe she does nothing like me...

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