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my dead diary.

26 oct 2005 wed - 14:00

Hello there and welcome to my dead diary.

It's a pain in the ass to read at times, since I apparently lost all sense of grammar & punctuation (not to mention editing and spelling), at least in the beginning. I am in the process of editing (for clarity, not content) all the entries. Hopefully some day I will have gone through all the entries and un-fucked them up.

Anyway, this diary details the times just before I left for Senegal, my year there, and about a year afterwards of my re-entry to the United States.

The first entry (pre-Senegal) is here.

Semester One in Senegal starts here.

Semester Two in Senegal starts here.

Return to USA (Madison, WI) before Ponge is able to move here starts here.

Life in Madison after Ponge arrived starts here.

And of course you can access the archives here.

The diary ends just before Ponge and I moved to Minneapolis in late July of 2004.

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26 oct 2005 wed - my dead diary.

14 jun 2004 mon - drug use et al.

11 jun 2004 fri - stuff to take care of

01 jun 2004 tue - quit again again again

30 may 2004 sun - u n l o a d


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